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Caliper Covers for Tesla Model Y

Caliper Covers for Tesla Model Y

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Caliper Covers for Tesla Model Y 2020-2021-2022-2023 new upgrade designed specifically for Model Y 19/20/21 inch Wheels, car callipers

  • White and Black stickers colors are included.
  •  Specification: 4 packs/set. Screw mounting. Upgraded caliper cover to increase machine motion.
  • Gives off car heat to improve brake life and life.Fits Y 19&20&21 inches.Made of high quality aluminum alloy and secured with hard buckles, there is no need to worry about falling off, etc., and this product comes with installation instructions, is now perfect for 20 inch calipers. Extended t bolt fastening.
  • Upgrading your model Y without interfering with the braking that comes with driving the car,Made of high quality aluminum alloy, the tire size is R19 R20 R21.
  • Easy to install just by hooking on the car calipers, easier to install without leaving any trace, and can protect your beloved tire calipers well.
  • Order now and you'll get it before the end of the month.The calipers attached to the original car don't affect the brakes, make your car more sporty, and upgrade the tires to make it look better.
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